Share your shiznit Sunday (plus download my book for free).

Today is share your shiznit Sunday on both of my FB pages. This is a great way to build your networks and make new connections. If you have pages/sites/blogs that you’d like to share, hop on over and paste your link as a comment to my invitation on the appropriate page. If they’re relevant, you’re welcome to comment at both pages. We’d love to have you!

Art related links: Ink & Alchemy

Writing & Lit related links: More Ink

Everyone gets 5 free days on KDP and mine start today. So, download at will and then do me a huge favor – drop me an honest review at Amazon and/or Goodreads.

You can download the ebook for free at this link or just click the cover above. Oh, and please pass this link along to others.

Thanks! Happy weekend!